Sunday, January 8, 2012

Black Sheep Sunday - Elizabeth Fuller's Assault on Judah Treche

Sometimes reading some historical documents about my ancestors, I get a feeling like it could be an 18th century version of Jerry Springer.  The record of Elizabeth Fuller's assault on Judah Treche is one of those instances.  

Elizabeth Fuller was the wife of Timothy Fuller, my 4th great grand uncle.  She was charged with beating Judah Treche with a stick.

Here is the disposition of Judah Treche.
Kings County 
The deposition, examination and complaint of Judah Treche of Horton in said county of Kings, who being duly examined and sworn…… 
Saith, that on the second day of March, Elizabeth Fuller,wife of Timothy Fuller of Horton aforesaid did and dishonestly assault this deponent at the door of the house of Noah Fuller in Horton and strike her many blows with a stick or club, saying “I will give you one good licking you damned bitch,” by which assault and blows this deponent says she is much bruised and hurt, and further this deponent saith not…… 
Sworn this day 4th day of March 1776 before me…..Nathan Dewolf
Signed by Judah Treche 
It is unfortunate that the records of this event don't include any REASON why she beat Judah.  Call my cynical, but I would expect that Elizabeth felt (real or imagined) that Judah had affection for or design on her husband Timothy Fuller.  I can't think of another reason which would have caused her to react so violently without provocation on that day.

It is interesting what you find, when you dig into the family history.


  1. “I will give you one good licking you damned bitch”
    Wow, that's a great record. You can only imagine the reasons for this beating. It's items like that, that make me love genealogy even more!

    1. "Damn Bitch" would have been pretty strong language for the time....especially from a women. It really gives you a window into their lives.