Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Applying to the Mayflower Society - Missing Documentation

The Florida local chapter of the Mayflower Society responded back to me today to let me know that I am missing two documents.  This doesn't mean they accept all the other documents, but just that I am missing two.

The Mayflower Society requests that you provide birth, marriage and death certificates for each generation.  Once you go back about a hundred years or more these become impossible to find (in many cases they don't even exist) and the society understand this.  However, where they do exist, such as all viral records in the last 100 years, they do require them.

I provided newspaper obituaries for my great grandmother, Elizabeth Fuller, and great grandfather, Robert Armstrong,  but I need to provide the death certificates which should be obtainable from the city where they lived/died.

I am going to drop requests for both those death certificates in the mail tomorrow.

They lived and died in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and I am requesting these death certificates directly from them.  Only $10 fee (in total).

Here is their website.

What I really appreciated was that the Historian of the Ft Lauderdale chapter had this to say about my application:

"I want to commend you on a job well done.  I have never seen anything more detailed than yours."

Well that feels good...

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