About Me

By day, I am a mild mannered software company professional, but by night, I transform into an amateur genealogist.

My mother's family is from Western Pennsylvania and my father's family is from New England.  I grew up in Massachusetts, but I moved with my family to South Florida in 2008.  Since I am so far from where the original records exist, I rely on a lot of online resources and the kindness of strangers to conduct my family research.

I started with the Fuller and Armstrong families of Portland, Maine.  However, I have quickly expanded my research to learn more about my mother's family of Pennsylvania and their European origins.  

Because of my early success, my wife’s family asked me to do some research on their family origins.  My wife’s father’s family is from Long Island, NY and my wife’s mother’s family is from upstate NY.   I have already uncovered some fascinating information about my wife's family origins, too.

I love a good mystery and I really feel that there are no unsolvable problems.  I am enjoying putting the pieces of the family history puzzle together.  Of course, I have hit some road blocks, but I am confident that if the family information I am looking for exists, that I will find it

It has been an exciting journey, so far, and I have learned some very interesting things about my family and uncovered some great resources which I think are worth sharing.

I am researching the following families:
  • Armstrong (Portland, Maine)
  • Fuller (Portland, Maine and Horton, Nova Scotia and Lebanon, Connecticut)
  • Bishop (Horton, Nova Scotia)
  • Godfrey (Horton, Nova Scotia and Massachusetts)
  • Kurtz (Westmoreland County & Fayette County, PA and Essen, Germany)
  • Gula (Westmoreland County & Fayette County , PA and Poland)
  • Korba (Westmoreland County & Fayette County , PA and Poland)
  • Zembko (Nassua County, NY and Poland)
  • Purcell (Oneida County, NY and Tipperary, Ireland)
  • Lanz (Oneida County, NY and Bavaria, Germany)

If you are reading this and are related to me or have more information about any of my relatives please contact me.

Hopefully, you will find the information I have shared about my family pilgrimage amusing, entertaining and informative.