Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Rosh Hashanah Mitzvah

I recently joined the "Find a Grave" website to add some photos of family members that I took on my trip to Maine this summer.  I believe it is a good thing that we have a place to share these gravestones and I whole heartedly support the missions of "Find a Grave" and "Billiongraves".  

Wouldn't it be great if all tombstones were available online?  

I received a photo request through Find a Grave a few weeks ago for two graves at a local Jewish cemetery.   I had been so busy, I had totally forgotten about the request.  The cemetery is the Menorah Gardens Cemetery and it was only a few miles from where I work.  Menorah Gardens is a secluded cemetery which is right on the edge of the Everglades.

Since it was so close to me and the new year's holiday of Rosh Hashanah, it seemed like a good idea to head over there on my lunch hour and see if I could find those headstones.  

Have you ever tried to go to a cemetery and just "find" a tombstone?

Not an easy thing to do.  I am sure there are hundreds of graves, so to just happen upon the one you are looking for is not very likely.  This was the case with me.  

The cemetery is laid out nicely.  It is broken out into section which are named for biblical figures.  So your relatives could be buried in the "Noah" or "Moses" section of the cemetery.  Which knowing that would make them easier to find.  After spending about 10 minutes looking on my own, I headed over to the office.  

While I was a little surprised at the roaming peacock which was guarding the office entrance, the people in the office were very nice and directed me to the mausoleum where Milton and his wife were entombed.  

I have decided not to share too much information about the people's graves I was asked to take pictures of, just because I didn't ask permission to share this information on my blog.

I found Milton's right away, but there was no sign of his wife.  It is possible that they are buried together without a separate marker.

While I am not Jewish, I thought I would share my Rosh Hashanah Mitzvah (good deed).  I am sure they appreciated the help of a stranger, just as I have benefited from the assistance of many strangers on my pilgrimage to uncover my own family history.

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