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John Armstrong of Falmouth, Boston and Saco

As I have mentioned in previous posts, James Armstrong arrived with his children to America in 1718. These children were:  Jean (married to Robert Mean, James, John, Thomas and Simon.

Simon Armstrong remained in the Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth, Maine area.  However, his siblings all moved to other areas.

John Armstrong seemed to spend most of his time in Falmouth, but may have left for a few years to remove to Boston.  It is believed that he married Rebecca Thomas on July 28, 1724 and returned to Falmouth before 1726.

On March 26, 1726 he became an elder of the First Congregation Church of Falmouth and in 1733, John Armstrong, William Jameson, Robert Means, Robert Thorndike and Johnathan Cobb were dismissed from the First Congregation Church to form the Second Congregation Church in Falmouth/Cape Elizabeth.

Land sales of John Armstrong to Samuel Waldo, York deeds book 16, Fol 167 pg 509. Sept 14, 1733. 

Land sales of John Armstrong to James Winslow, Cumberland County website 8/16/1760.  At this time, John Armstrong is living in Pepperllborough (present day Saco, Maine) and is described as a cabinetmaker. States that this land was originally belonging to his father, James Armstrong.

Robert Means and Jane Armstrong Means removed to the Scotch-Irish community at Saco, Maine.

In the Means Family Genealogy, it indicates that James Armstrong Sr (Jean's father) already lived there.   In addition, it appears that after 1733 John Armstrong moved back to Boston.   For how long isn’t know.  He developed the skill of being a cabinetmaker.  John Armstrong who was the head of the Boston line of the Armstrong family had moved to Saco (Pepperellborough) Maine from about 1750 to about 1770.  After 1770, It is believed he returned to Boston.  

While living in Saco, he lived not far from his sister Jane Armstrong Means.  This is from the book published in 1830 named History of Saco and Biddeford pg 262. 

We only know of one child of John and Rebecca Thomas Armstrong.  His name was John Armstrong b. circa 1725 in Falmouth and moved with his parent to Boston after 1733.  

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