Sunday, November 6, 2016

Applying to the Mayflower Society - Step 1

I have been researching my family tree for over 5 years.  It has been a labor of love and I have found it rewarding and interesting.

Based on my research, I believe that I am descended from Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower.  

I have amassed all my research.   While I am very confident in my research, I decided I would like to "prove" my research to be accurate by applying for membership to the Mayflower Society.   I know that many people apply for the Mayflower Society each year, so I decided to document my application process, how long it takes and what I learn during the process.

Hopefully you will find this of interesting.

The first step is going to their website.

The application process is handled at the state membership societies.  I live in Florida, so that would be the logical society for me to join.  It is interesting to note that different societies have different membership fees and I don't believe there is a requirement for you to join the society specifically for the state you live in.

The Mayflower Society has a Preliminary Review form you can submit to the society for a cost of $25.  Why use this form?  The idea is that if other descendants have already proved genealogy relationship for some of your ancestors to the Mayflower then you don't have to provide as much documentation.  For example, lets say an uncle has already provided all the family documentation to join the society, you have a lot less work to do.

I have used his Preliminary Review form several years ago and there wasn't much from any family members who had documented a relationship from my family to Stephen Hopkins.  This was disappointing, but also was several years ago.  I am going to submit again in the hopes that someone has done some of the work for me. 

Here is the genealogy I am submitting today.  I have left off the last 3 generations as I want to protect the privacy of the most recent family members.

Once submitted, it is supposed to take three to six weeks to hear back to inform me of where there are information gaps in linking my genealogy to Stephen Hopkins and communicate next steps.   

1. Mayflower Pilgrim;  Stephen Hopkins
2. Son/Daughter:  Giles Hopkins          Spouse:  Catherine Wheldon
3. Son/Daughter:  Deborah Hopkins     Spouse:  Josiah Cooke
4. Son/Daughter:  Deborah Cooke        Spouse:  Moses Godfrey
5. Son/Daughter:  David Godfrey         Spouse:  Priscilla Baker
6. Son/Daughter:  Elizabeth Godfrey    Spouse:  Peter Bishop
7. Son/Daughter:  Elizabeth Bishop      Spouse:  Noah Fuller
8. Son/Daughter:  David Fuller             Spouse:  Mary Cary
9. Son/Daughter:  James Fuller             Spouse:  Mary Armstrong O'Hagen
10.Son/Daughter:  Elizabeth Fuller       Spouse:  Robert Armstrong 

I will blog about each step in the process.

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