Sunday, November 13, 2016

Applying to the Mayflower Society - Preliminary Results

The good news is I submitted my Preliminary Review on November 6th and the website stated to expect 3-6 weeks for a reply.   They responded in only 3 days!!  Which was great.  I appreciated the quick response.

However, they were only able to tell me that no one had "proven" my family line back to the Mayflower, yet.   They were able to confirm the first six generations.  Stephen Hopkins to "daughter Godfrey".   Unfortunately, I already knew that.

Here is the part of the family lineage they confirmed.

1. Mayflower Pilgrim;  Stephen Hopkins
2. Son/Daughter:  Giles Hopkins              Spouse:  Catherine Wheldon
3. Son/Daughter:  Deborah Hopkins         Spouse:  Josiah Cooke
4. Son/Daughter:  Deborah Cooke            Spouse:  Moses Godfrey
5. Son/Daughter:  David Godfrey             Spouse:  Priscilla Baker
6. Son/Daughter:  "Daughter" Godfrey     Spouse:  Peter Bishop

Yay!  Only 7 generations to prove.

As part of the Preliminary Review results, the Mayflower Society send them to you and the local chapter to alert them of your interest in becoming a member.  While I was reviewing the results, I received a call from a very nice lady, Linda, the Historian for the Ft Lauderdale, FL chapter.

We had a great talk and she is very happy to help me complete my full application for membership and help me prove my lineage.

Luckily, I have been conducting this genealogy research from quite some time and have been documenting my research.  I should be able to submit my initial application for their review in a few days and start the process of seeing what questions they have on my research and seeing what documents or proof I may be missing.

I will keep you posted.

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